Are you looking for a dreamy destination for your holidays by the sea?

Whether it is a holiday with your partner, with all the family or with your friends, Salento is the perfect destinations to combine relaxation and fun.

In this wonderful land in the south of Puglia, there are corners of heaven where colours, sounds and scents will give you sensations of wellness and freedom.

Let us discover together two lovely places along the Ionian coast in Salento, Porto Selvaggio and Torre Inserraglio.

Immerse yourself into the unspoiled nature of Porto Selvaggio

Porto Selvaggio is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Salento. It is in the municipality of Nardò, between Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo and is enclosed within a lush and unspoiled natural park.

The beach of sand and rocks, lapped by crystal-clear waters with a sloping seabed, is framed by a big pine forest, that makes the landscape unique and super suggestive.

During your holiday in Salento, you cannot miss a visit to Porto Selvaggio, that will amaze the nature lovers. The rejuvenating atmosphere of this place will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the holiday mood and to forget the frenetic rhythms of the everyday life.

Porto Selvaggio, however, is not only sea, sun and relaxation. Here, indeed, you will have the opportunity to discover many historical attractions and natural beauties.

This stretch of coast is characterised by the presence of some splendid caves, among which there are the Grotta del Cavallo, famous for the important archaeological findings, and the Grotta delle Corvine, that lies beneath the sea. Diving enthusiasts will have the possibility of exploring the rich seabed near the caves and of admiring the many fishes that inhabit this stretch of water.

Within the natural park of Porto Selvaggio, there is also the Palude del Capitano, a very suggestive pond characterised by the presence of streams of fresh water and by the Mediterranean scrub.

In Porto Selvaggio, you can also admire two of the symbols of Salento: watching towers and fortified masserias (ancient farmhouses). The wide park, indeed, can boasts the presence of these ancient architectonical structures, which can witness centuries of history. You can plan a walking trip, a bike tour or a horse ride in order to explore the thousand marvels of the wide Porto Selvaggio Natural Park.

This area, indeed, is perfect for slow and sustainable excursions, thanks to the wide green spaces and the many tourist itineraries. Consider that you must walk through a path to get to the beach, so do not forget cosy shoes and a backpack!

Torre Inserraglio: between natural beauty and total tranquillity

A romantic sunset over the sea, surrounded by the unspoiled nature of Salento, is a magical moment to share with those who you love.

The western coast of Salento is, obviously, the best point to enjoy sunsets and Torre Inserraglio, in particular, deserves to be chosen as the scenery for your special moments.

Located in close proximity to Porto Selvaggio, Torre Inserraglio owes its name to the suggestive watching tower that dominates the surrounding landscape. This place is characterised by lush nature, that makes it a true heaven in earth, as well.

The low and rocky coast is lapped by very limpid waters and the blue of the sea regenerates eyes and mind of the visitors.

Torre Inserraglio is perfect for those who look for the tranquillity of a lonely and quiet place, far from the crowds of tourists, to fully breathe the sea breeze and all the scents of an unspoiled nature.